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To arrive to this page, you had to agree to the Delft BitTorrent Dataset 2's copyright, disclaimer, and license. If you did not, than you are not entitled to download the files described below, and should go back to the download start page.

 Privacy of end users and networks

To ensure the privacy of the end users (hosts) and networks reported in the DATA, we have anonymized their IP addresses. Insofar we know, the anonymization process is not reversible; DATA must not be used to obtain the real identity of end users (hosts). We also caution against revealing real IP addresses, network names, and domain names, in any publicly available document.

 Download instructions

Download all files, then unpack to the same directory. Note that the whole uncompressed data set occupies over 35GB of hard-disk space. Please read carefully the data set description, before starting to process the data.

 The Delft BitTorrent Dataset 2 Data

Active-start measurements data (click the archive icons to download)
05-05-07(65MB) 05-05-09(84MB) 05-05-10(91MB)    
Total: 234MB compressed, 2.5GB uncompressed
Passive-start measurements data (click the archive icons to download)
p1.tgz(159MB) p2.tgz(14MB) p3.tgz(182MB) p4.tgz(100MB) p5.tgz(110MB)
p6.tgz(130MB) p7.tgz(275MB) p8.tgz(165MB) p9.tgz(145MB) p10.tgz(46MB)
p11.tgz(105MB) p12.tgz(111MB) p13.tgz(89MB) p14.tgz(109MB) p15.tgz(102MB)
p16.tgz(109MB) p17.tgz(11MB) p18.tgz(99MB) p19.tgz(112MB) p20.tgz(55MB)
p21.tgz(115MB) p22.tgz(120MB) p23.tgz(91MB) p24.tgz(92MB) p25.tgz(20MB)
p26.tgz(120MB) p27.tgz(93MB) p28.tgz(6MB) p29.tgz(6MB) p20.tgz(101MB)
p31.tgz(83MB) p32.tgz(82MB) p33.tgz(100MB) p34.tgz(63MB) p35.tgz(62MB)
p36.tgz(68MB) p37.tgz(52MB) p38.tgz(97MB) p39.tgz(38MB) p40.tgz(22MB)
p41.tgz(21MB) p42.tgz(4MB) p43.tgz(107MB) p44.tgz(95MB) p45.tgz(21MB)
Total: 3,911MB compressed, 37.4GB uncompressed

 Processing scripts

We have created bare bones scripts for parsing the Delft BitTorrent Dataset 2. The scripts are written in Python, and can be extended according to the goals of the user.

Active-start measurements data parser -- View the listing (??KB) or download the script (??KB).

Passive-start measurements data parser -- View the listing (80KB) or download the script (13KB).



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