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The Delft BitTorrent Dataset 2 (from now on referred to as DATA) is
copyright © 2005 Alexandru Iosup, Pawel Garbacki, Johan Pouwelse, and Dick Epema. All rights reserved.


The DATA is provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind, wither expressed or implied, including, but without limiting to, the implied warranties of fitness for any particular purpose, or noninfringement.

In no event shall the copyright holders of the DATA be liable for any problem arising from owning or using this DATA (including, without limitation, damage or loss of business, disclosure or loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss).

If you are subject to a law which does not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, you are not entitled to download and/or use the DATA.


The DATA is freely-available only for research and academic purposes, under three conditions:

(1) The DATA source and its owners are acknowledged in any derivative product (the rightful-owner clause); the following attribution will be included in any publication, report, presentation, or other form of summarizing the derivative work:

" The data used in this research is part of the Delft BitTorrent Dataset 2, which was collected as part of the MultiProbe project, http://multiprobe.ewi.tudelft.nl. "

(2) The DATA is not used to duplicate already existing research results, in part or in full, with the sole exception of verifiying research results (the non-duplicate research clause);

(3) The intention of using the DATA is signaled to the rightful owners, and the derivative work is shared freely with the academia (the fair share of research clause).

All derivative work (e.g., processed data, publications) belongs to the person(s) or institution(s) who produced it.

The DATA cannot be sold, rented, or otherwise exploited to generate income, without the written permission from all of the DATA rightful owners. The DATA cannot be transferred to third parties without prior written consent from its rightful owners, as expressed by the Copyright statement. To ensure the privacy of the end users (hosts) and networks reported in the DATA, we have anonymized their IP addresses. Insofar we know, the anonymization process is not reversible; the DATA must not be used to obtain the identity of real users.

People and/or institutions subject to law which does not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages are not entitled to download and/or use the DATA.

Important notification
Until the end of the reviewing process of the PAM2006 conference (scheduled December 9, 2005), the DATA is available ONLY for PAM2006 reviewers and committee members.

You are allowed to download and use the DATA.   You are not allowed to download the DATA.



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